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Audio Guide

City Tour

City tour Teterow

  • Client

    Teterow town council

  • Task

    To design and create a digital tour of the town with an audio guide

  • Project period

    July to December 2020

Audio guide, city tour and further offers

Not only large cities, but also small and medium-sized towns and communities in Germany offer enormous tourism potential thanks to their individual diversity. Take the small town of Teterow in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, for example: it lies in the heart of Mecklenburg Switzerland. There are many interesting and entertaining things to say about the medieval town centre, Europe's most beautiful grass racecourse and the many legendary pranks. This is now taken care of by a digital city tour designed by MAQNIFY with eventful text and audio contributions. Visitors can discover Teterow on their own via smartphone, tablet or home computer.

City tour with radio play character

In addition to information on the sights of the town, the user can also expect a wealth of stories about Teterow that will make him smile, reflect and marvel. They learn how Mecklenburg Switzerland got its name and why a former beautification association donated cowbells to the farmers around 1906 to create a real Swiss feeling. At the "Teterower See" station, the landing of the Zeppelin cruiser "Hansa" in June 1914 is described, which caused great excitement in the country and the people. And then there are the amusing "Schildbürgerstreiche" (pranks), which tell of Teterow's town history and its inhabitants with a twinkle in the eye. Visitors embark on an entertaining voyage of discovery at a total of 13 stations.

Edutainment for the whole family

The digital tour of Teterow combines information and knowledge transfer in an entertaining and playful way. For each station there is beautiful visual material - current and historical, informative background knowledge in text form and lively audio contributions. Especially for families with children, this form of city tour offers an entertaining, enjoyable discovery at one's own pace.

Revitalising city centres, creating opportunities for cooperation

Tourism is very often a frequency driver for the local retail trade and an important economic factor for the region. Excitingly presented sights attract visitors to the city centre - an attractive range of shops and restaurants also keeps them there. That is why MAQNIFY also offers the possibility of integrating local service providers, e.g. hotels, restaurants, shops and service providers, in addition to tourist POIs. In Teterow, numerous businesses take part in this form of presentation.

MAQNIFY-CMS - flexible platform for digital tourism solutions

Whether it's a digital city tour, audio tours or a museum tour - MAQNIFY gives cities and municipalities the opportunity to present their sights digitally in connection with trade, gastronomy and other regional offers on a multilingual platform - without an additional app. As a high-quality information medium, it enables profitable synergy effects from city, cultural and shopping tourism. The web-based system can be operated intuitively by the user without any IT knowledge, or it can be managed by MAQNIFY as a full-service offer.

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