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The new experience guide is now available

Dominic Fischer | February 2022

App version 1.3.8 brings numerous innovations and significantly better performance.

Since this week, the new version of the Experience Guide is available in the App and Google Play Store. Version 1.3.8 brings numerous improvements and innovations to the Adventure Guide. At first glance, the new app design catches the eye. With the new design, we have transferred our current CI of the website to the app and thus ensured a fresh and coherent look.

In the following, we present the innovations of the update in detail.

Data protection:

An important component of the new app is the even stronger focus on data protection. Before using the location, users are clearly informed about the reasons for the location request and can access the privacy policy. In addition, various sharing options are suggested by the operating system, which can be changed at any time in the settings. In this way, the user always retains full control over their sharing.


Technically, the app has been optimised all around. Due to the large number of integrated POIs, the setup has been adapted and the loading times significantly optimised. This ensures a significantly better performance compared to the previous version.

The new experience guide now also works with the screen switched off. This feature saves the user's battery, as the screen does not have to be permanently switched on for use as before. There is also an innovation for drivers who use the smartphone as a navigation device: the app can now be run in the background, i.e. it does not have to be the active display screen. This means that the live mode can be activated before the journey and then the usual navigation app can be loaded in the foreground.

Live mode:

The live mode has received an additional, also frequently requested function. From now on, it is possible to navigate to the respective POI directly from the live mode.

Above the familiar audio player that appears when driving past a motorway sign, a button "Navigate there" is now displayed. A click opens the destination in the smartphone's preferred navigation app. If there is already an active navigation process, the POI can be inserted as an intermediate destination.


The filter options in the map and list view have been expanded to include a region filter. Entries can now be filtered by federal state or tourist region. For example, travellers can directly display all available POIs in the Black Forest or select the entire federal state of Hesse. Of course, multiple selection is possible. The POI overview can be narrowed down even further using the familiar category filter. The free text search has also been optimised and now delivers the desired search entries much faster.

All in all, the new features provide a much better user experience. If you like the new MAQNIFY experience guide, we would be happy to receive a positive rating in the App and Google Play Store.

If you have any criticism or suggestions for improvement, please do not hesitate to contact us directly at We look forward to hearing from you and wish you a good and eventful journey at all times!